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The Last Photograph (2017) HDRip

Name: The Last Photograph
Year: 2017
Genre: Drama
Quality: HDRip, 720x378, 24.000 fps, AVI XviD, 1631 Kbps
Duration: 84 min
Total Size: 1.09 GB
Audio: English, 48.0 kHz, MP3 192 Kbps, 2 ch / Subs English

Director: Danny Huston
Writer: Simon Astaire
Stars: Danny Huston, Sarita Choudhury, Stacy Martin
Country: UK
Production Co: The Last Photograph

The film centres on a random act of theft that has put Tom Hammond's life into a tailspin. Stolen from his bookshop is Tom's most treasured possession, a photograph of him with his son Luke...their last moment of shared happiness. THE LAST PHOTOGRAPH is set between London in 2003, and a dark night in 1988 when Pan Am 103 was blown out of the sky over Lockerbie.

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